435W Solar Panels


High Efficiency Graphene Module New Technology: Photovoltaic Graphene Matrix Technology or PVGrafTM shatters the mold of traditional BusVar PV technology and will soon become the go-to technology for Solar Power Inst...


Solar Panels

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Graphene Solar Panels Industry Leading 30 Year Warranty (Bumper to Bumper) Can produce approx. 300 MW per month or more Production Immune to Extreme Heat and Cold Graphene Super Conductor- Generates energy 1.5 hours...


iLamp Street Light - 400W


iLamp uses a flexible lighting solution originally designed to harness solar energy and provide efficient lighting. The patented design vertically wraps the complete iLamp system to poles to any dimension, diameter, ...


Haven Tiny Home


S2A is dedicated to building easy-to-install world-class modular structures to expand your living space. All structures are made with energy-efficient systems and industrial hemp-based organic building materials. Wit...


Battery Package - 50A


This is the perfect starter package to power your home essentials in case of an emergency. Power things like your fridge, microwave, select lights throughout, garage door, internet router, and fans. AI+ Optimized So...